Periodontal Services

Our practice is specialized in periodontics and implantology. We specialize in conservative and surgical treatment of gum disease including cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile, as well as dental implants that can replace single or multiple missing teeth.


Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Many times, the early stages of periodontal disease are best treated with non-surgical periodontal therapy.

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Gum Grafting

When gum recession is a problem, gum reconstruction using grafting techniques is an option.

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Plastic esthetic periodontal procedures

i.e. crown lengthening, correction of the smile line, gum grafting procedures

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Dental Implants

If a tooth is lost placing implants is an option to replace the missing tooth.

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Guided Bone Augmentation

There are different indications to perform bone augmentation procedures

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Guided Tissue Regeneration

Different materials are available for regeneration of the attachment of teeth.

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Periodontal Maintenance - Recall

After the active phase of periodontal treatment or implant placement we will provide you with a personalized maintenance program of care to keep your gums healthy.

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Technical Standard

The following technical appliances are available in our office

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