Postoperative Instructions

Working/Exercise - We suggest you return home after the treatment and relax. You may return to work when you feel up to it, but wait at least two weeks before undertaking any strenuous exercise. In the first night after the surgery try to position your head higher than the rest of your body, i.e. use several pillows or raise the head part of your bed. Try to avoid that the side of your face where the surgery was performed is exposed to warmth since that would support postoperative swelling.

Pain Medication - Pain medicine is usually necessary at least for the first day of surgery and may be necessary as your symptoms indicate thereafter. On the first day you should take the pain medicine as directed, usually one tablet every four hours. No alcohol consumption in combination with pain medication.

Antibiotics - Not all surgical procedures require antibiotic coverage, but those that do will require that you take the antibiotics for the number of days directed on the prescription label. Please do not discontinue the antibiotics unless you suspect an adverse reaction, such as allergy or nausea. In any case, contact our office immediately.

Ice Packs - The application of ice packs to the face in the surgical area will have beneficial effects. Keeping the face cold will retard swelling, reduce the chance of bruising, and helps control discomfort. It is especially beneficial during the first 24 hours and should be used intermittently (approximately 3-4 times an hour) when you are awake.

Surgical dressing - Some surgical procedures require a dressing to protect the surgical site. Small pieces may break off, but this should be of no concern. If the dressing comes off, please contact our office for further instructions. Please do not pull the pack off yourself as you may pull out some of the stitches.

Food - On the day of surgery avoid alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, black tea and other beverages that contain caffeine. It is important that you do have some soft, cold to lukewarm food starting on the day of surgery, i.e. ice cream, yoghurt, soup, mashed potatoes. Avoid to chew on the surgical site until the stitches are removed.

Smoking - It is completely forbidden to smoke in the early post operative period, because it will interfere with the periodontal healing. Please do not smoke.

Toothbrushing - Do not brush the surgical site until the sutures are removed. You may brush lightly the rest of your mouth with a soft toothbrush. After the first day, please start using the prescribed mouth rinse.